Buongiorno Italia 2014 Giacarta

Good morning Italy 2014 Jakarta

Sud Est Asiatico

As part of the Project Organicity, the new project for the promotion of European organic products in the Southeast Asia, India and Latin America (Brazil), the Bioagricoop team was a guest of the festival, "Good morning Italy", a full month of events held in October in Jakarta, Indonesia, during the celebrations for the 65th anniversary of bilateral relations between Italy and the Indonesia.


In collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency and the Italian Embassy in Jakarta, Bioagricoop held, at the Pacific Place Mall, a workshop to illustrate the features and benefits of the Mediterranean diet by consuming foods and drinks such as organic extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, cereals, pasta, fruit and vegetables, milk and cheese, meat, biscuits and coffee certified by Control Bodies recognized by the European Union.

The same products were displayed inside a supermarket in the upmarket Pacific Place, with great success within the customers, especially during the cooking demonstration where they were offered for a tasting lunch to the audience and to many operators such as importers, distributors and manufacturers.

Bioagricoop found, from the first meetings with the operators, a strong interest in organic products so it is certain that there is the real possibility of entering into the Indonesian market, the protagonist, in recent years, of a growth in consumption and very high of a steady and growing to new foods, especially organic.

The success of the event, which Bioagricoop contributed substantially, is a symptom of the good quality of organic products, the validity of the project and the effective promotion carried out by the Italian institutions in the country.

The Italian Institutions protagonists also in the following days, when the team Bioagricoop was hosted by the Italian Ambassador in Jakarta, H.E. Federico Failla. The Ambassador has provided his private residence for the organization of a gala dinner based on organic products.

Italian and international guests were enthusiastic about the excellent cuisine, thanks to the skillful preparation by two Italian chefs. Ambassador Failla himself has been very involved and interested in the issues discussed during the events organized and promoted by Bioagricoop and he will be fully available for future initiatives inherent a proper and healthy diet based on organic products.