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Bioagricoop scrl
Bioagricoop is a non-profit organization which was born in 1984 as a cooperative to contribute actively to the promotion and development of organic farming and sustainable development both at national and international level.

In 1985 the cooperative joined IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement) with which it worked actively to define organic agriculture norms and regulations and it also became the first company accredited by IFOAM for the certification activity in the entir e Mediterranean area.

In 1988 Bioagricoop promoted the constitution of AQB (Organic Quality Association) to guarantee and verify the quality of organic productions.

In 1993 Bioagricoop obtained the recognition of the Italian Ministry of Agriculture and Forests for its activity of control and certification in the organic sector.
The activity of certification increased rapidly; for this reason, in 2002, Bioagricoop promoted Bioagricert s.r.l., a new independet company to which it transferr ed the activity of control and certification.

Since then Bioagricoop has continued in its activity of promotion, training and research in organic agriculture and sustainable development.

Our phylosophy
co.operative working method

Bioagricoop phylosophy and vision is based on the “co.operative” working method with the creation of networks among:

  • technicians;
  • inspectors;
  • university researchers;
  • operators of the sector.

Bioagricoop is member of:


AGCI, General Association of Italian Cooperatives.


IFOAM, International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement.


FEDERBIO, Italian Federation or Organic and Biodinamic Agriculture.


AQB, Organic Quality Association.



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Since 1984 we are engaged in the promotion, training and research in organic agriculture and sustainable development.



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