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Food Hospitality World 2015 - San Paolo

Food Hospitality World 2015 - San Paolo

Fair Food Hospitality World is in its third year and was held at the "São Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center" also known as "Centro de Exposições Imigrantes" that, in short, become the most important exhibition and conference center in Latin America .

The FHW, which also takes place in three other countries (India, South Africa and China) is an event of great significance, which aims to provide a global platform for the industry.

The event is not only an exhibition space that combines the hospitality industry and agribusiness sectors, but is also a global circuit of real opportunities of business that enables companies to introduce their brand and products in the world.

The fair, held March 16 to 18, has developed an area of ​​5,000 square meters.

The event was attended by 120 exhibitors and 500 national and international brands, with an influx of 5,300 professionals.

Main theme organic, its products and the various realities in the world, who have decided to stake everything on this type of industry.

At the stand of the project, a number of certified organic products were present, which have been a hit among visitors. In particular:

  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Puree and juice
  • Prepare corn
  • Wine
  • Pasta
  • Preserves and sauces

The information event was held during the second day of the fair Food Hospitality World of San Paolo.

Theme of the seminar: Measure 501. Measurement European for the promotion of organic farming. In addition to presenting the measure, explaining the method of implementation and its target (the promotion of organic products on the European markets of third countries), there was also talk of biological, describing the various certifications and inspections that are performed on products in order to comply with that name.

We then spoke of the important issue of labeling and counterfeiting, especially the plight of Italian products, known and synonymous with quality.

Of course, it focused even on environmental sustainability of organic farming, which is important in the Brazilian market. In fact, we have seen how, even among operators, consumers green-gold bind the biological to physical and then to a way of living in harmony with nature and the world around them.

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