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India, Fiera AAHAR 2016

India, Fair AAHAR 2016

From March 15th to 19th, Bioagricoop took part in one of the biggest trade fairs in the agri-food sector, AAHAR, The International Food & Hospitality Fair, organized by the India Trade Promotion Organization.

Organized annually at the Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, AAHAR has proven to be an illustrious showcase for food and wine companies that have had the opportunity to show their products in India, registering more than 900 exhibitors from different countries and over 50.000 visitors.

It has been a long fair and countless surprises, given the interest shown by major importers, distributors and retailers in the sector to introduce the products presented in the Indian market, to give anyone the chance to choose a healthy standard of living, being able buy totally organic and GMO-free products, certified by the European Union, in Indian supermarkets.

Thanks to our presence at the fair, we have been able to consolidate business opportunities for the participating Italian companies, creating a network between importers and distributors of the sector that are very sensitive to environmental issues and to the added value of the products on the Organicity stand.
Among the organic products on display we have:

  • Red, white and sparkling wines
  • Alcohol-free wine
  • Coffee
  • Organic rice cakes (chocolate, caramel or savory variants, also available in the gluten-free variant)
  • Corn flour for polenta
  • Spreadable chocolate
  • Different varieties of pasta
  • Simple or flavored tomato puree (with mushrooms, with vegetables, with Provencal herbs, etc.)
  • Olive oil also with different aromas and flavors
  • Various types of pesto
  • Taralli and baked goods (variants with cereals, quinoa, etc.)
  • Fruit puree, also for children
  • Balsamic vinegar, apple and rice
  • Jars of dried tomatoes

Many journalists interested in deepening the European bio universe, and getting to know the details of the project, belonging to newspapers such as The Dollar Business Magazine or Indian Food Packer, biweekly magazine of the agri-food sector.

There are also many food bloggers who have asked many interesting questions about the standards of European certification in order to better document the value of European organic products, together with operators in the sector, very interested to Made in Italy, who have expressed the desire to be able to take advantage of our products each one in your working environment, to delight the most refined Indian palates.

Always present and in an increasingly structured way, the interest in the inclusion of products presented in e-commerce platforms, already started and also very famous as Amazon.

AAHAR was a perfect opportunity to improve the visibility of European products on the Indian market, consolidating relations with local operators to increase the possibilities on the market for small and medium entrepreneurs interested in the internationalization of organic products, strictly certified by the European Union.

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