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A very important part of Bioagricoop activity is represented by cooperation projects.Bioagricoop participates, as project leader or project partner, in national and international projects, usually co-finaced by the European Union and/or the Italian State.

Bioagricoop concentrates its efforts mostly on projects related to the promotion of European organic and typical products in non EU countries (i.e. China, South East Asia, India, Latin America etc.) or in the promotion of organic farming practices and sustainable development in Third Countries.

The most relevant projects are below.;

BEAN-QUORUM:  Building  an  Euro-Asian  Network  for  Quality,  Organic,  and  Unique  food Marketing”

BEAN-QUORUM: Building an Euro-Asian Network for Quality, Organic, and Unique food Marketing”


2005 – 2008

Area of intervention:

Research project on organic production

Co-funding body:

European Commission

Co-funding program:

Asia Link Programme – B7- 3010

Target countries:

China, Thailand, Italy, Great Britain, Austria;

Specific object:

To develop the organic production and quality scheme products in China and Thailand.

Achieved results:

Established network between European and Asian Universities aimed to promote and organize training activities on the organic and quality scheme products; operators in China and Thailand trained on the organic and quality scheme products.


Bologna University, Italy; Thammasat University, Thailand; Boku University, Austria.
Bioagricoop provided support through the contribution of experts of organic agriculture and the technical management of the project.


12 May 2005


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