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Fairs and Events

Fairs and Events


Fairs are the get-together for customers, suppliers and potential new customers, the places where supply meets demand.Operators can present their company and products, observe and analyse the market, differentiate themselves from competitors at the same time.

Fairs are promotional events that can help a company to confirm and/or increase its business and set it apart from competitors. Bioagricoop helps operators to choose the most suitable event and organize it; and its team of experts supports the company during the whole event and/or exhibition.

Every year Bioagricoop attends two of the most important exhibitions: BIOFACH Fair in Nurnberg, Germany and SANA Fair in Bologna, Italy.

Furthermore Bioagricoop attends Fairs and Exhibitions worldwide (Asia, Europe, Latina America etc.) and organizes joint stands to help operators to promote their products on new markets.

Eventi e Fiere

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